Embracing the Unknown: Meet Anthony

In the enchanting, island-speckled landscape of the Philippines, there’s a story worth telling – a story of resilience, innovation, and a fierce passion for self-learning. Meet Anthony, a father of six, whose thirst for knowledge transcends the walls of traditional academia.

Despite never completing college, Anthony honed his skills in technology, gaming, and self-education. Each challenge he encountered was an opportunity for growth, a stepping-stone to the expert he would become.

A Challenging Road to Success

Fueled by knowledge and passion, Anthony navigated a labyrinth of obstacles. Jobs came and went, from service jobs to Technical Support Agent. Yet, it was the hurdles, not the achievements, that shaped him the most. He found his true calling as a service desk analyst and later, an application support specialist at Telus.

Anthony Garces

The Calling of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

However, the entrepreneurial fire within Anthony was too intense to ignore. The gridlocked traffic of the Philippines, coupled with an innate longing for self-reliance, propelled him to venture into the unknown. He ventured into an MLM business, faced the challenge of its collapse, and braved personal hardships, all while supporting a growing family.

Rising Above Challenges: The Birth of QuickReads Hub

Anthony weathered life’s storms with unwavering resolve, turning adversities into opportunities. He transitioned into the realm of online jobs, constantly evolving, and adapting in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Amidst the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, Anthony forged his path, landing a position at Pantheon, ultimately promoted to Senior Customer Success Engineer.

His journey gave birth to QuickReads Hub – a testament to resilience, a platform for knowledge-sharing, and a guiding light for remote workers worldwide.

QuickReads Hub: Your Ally in Remote Work

QuickReads Hub speaks to you – the modern remote worker. You, who value flexibility and balance, who strive for personal growth amidst challenges of productivity, loneliness, and blurred boundaries of work and personal life. Here, you’ll find articles imbued with Anthony’s experiences and expertise, aiding you to excel in your remote roles, stay updated with remote work trends, and improve your leadership skills.

Our content, woven with complexity and variation, brings practical, actionable strategies to your work situation. We understand your need for well-researched, expert-backed insights, and strive to offer a blend of content formats – from in-depth articles and eye-catching infographics to engaging videos.

Navigating the Future of Work Together

The landscape of remote work is continuously transforming, with a growing emphasis on mental health, well-being, and empathetic, trust-based leadership. QuickReads Hub is your compass in this ever-evolving ecosystem.

Our Mission

QuickReads Hub is a testament to my journey and a resource for remote workers, work-at-home parents, digital nomads, and freelancers. Our mission is to help remote workers succeed. Here, you’ll find articles on remote work trends, leadership, career advancement, and self-improvement. My goal is to share my experiences and knowledge to help you navigate the world of remote work and digital entrepreneurship.

Our Values

At QuickReads Hub, we believe in the power of resilience, self-education, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to providing valuable resources and insights to help remote workers thrive in their careers.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, we're excited about the launch of our WooCommerce Blog and Agency WooComHive.com. Stay tuned for more updates!

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QuickReads Hub is more than just a platform. It’s a community, a support system, and a guiding beacon. Together, let’s navigate the future of work and transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Together, let’s craft a fulfilling professional life in the era of remote work.

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